Other stuff

A page of assorted other stuff that doesn't really fit neatly into any of the other sections on my site.

Roger Whittaker - Linz
As it had been so long since Roger Whittaker had toured the UK, I headed over to Austria for a weekend in 2003 for a concert he was doing in Linz.

Non-league football and other sports
With time on my hands, and being unable to leave the north east, I try to spend time attending grassroots sporting events, including non-league football and cycle speedway.

Edinburgh Fringe:
A few years ago I finally made the effort to visit Edinburgh during the Fringe, and had a great time. Have been back two or three times each year since then, as it was just within the limit of how far I was able to go away from the hospital. I now have the urge to put on a show there one year. One of my minigolfing friends has offered to help me perform Minigolf The Musical, but neither of us have any musical talent so I think a different plan is needed.

I am a big fan of ceilidh dancing. At one point I was frequently attending a Friday night Scottish ceilidh in Camden, and even bought myself a kilt. I was unable to wear it for a while, but recently managed to get into it again and get back down to Camden.