European Indoors, Helsinki, March 2007

A quick 5-day trip to Helsinki for a couple of events at the European Indoors. I ran very badly, so I needed to try to rescue the holiday with some sightseeing. Wandering around the city centre I noticed some filming going on. No idea what it was for though.

Some filming being done in the centre of Helsinki.

One of my workmates had asked me to look out for an FC Honka shirt for him. I tried in Helsinki and found only Chelsea and Liverpool shirts, so set off for neighbouring Espoo. Having taken the bus to the edge of Helsinki, the limit of my free public transport ticket, I set off to walk the rest of the way. The view below is on the approach to Espoo, and a blue line along the ground suggests it is maybe on the route of a marathon.

Approaching Espoo from Helsinki.

Eventually arrived at what I believe is Honka's main ground, to find the office closed at weekends.

FC Honka club house.

Took a few photos of the ground and returned to Helsinki.

FC Honka's main ground, I think.

Further utilised my free transport pass to take this ferry over to the fortified island of Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna ferry in Helsinki.

A beautiful island, with lots of photo opportunities, but with my batteries running low I could just manage to coax my camera into taking a shot of what appears to be the island's running track.

Running track on Suomenlinna.